An Afternoon’s Changes

We spent the afternoon pottering around the garden.

First, the fencepost on which the external road-visibility mirror is mounted got repainted a nice shade of green:

external outdoor road visibility convex mirror

We planted several tomatoes and made a start on some potatoes:

and some bedding plants – lobelia to flop over the sides of planters:

and some more petunias:

and there’s still a load of veg and herbs to be going on with:


Such domestication. The garden is gradually beginning to look more ready for whatever the summer growth-spurt brings!

3 thoughts on “An Afternoon’s Changes

  1. Wow! Your new place looks fabulous! A big greenhouse? Is it attached to the house? That would be so great in winter. You two really landed on your feet! ;-D

    • Ta. Yup, a moderate greenhouse to play with. Not huge as greenhouses go, but enough to have a separate operating-table and another side for tomato growing-bags and watering cans. The rest of the garden is going to be a load of work though!

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