Flame On!

A couple of days ago the shed door started coming off its hinges altogether in ordinary use – the wood underlying the screws had rotten away.

This afternoon, we burned the whole thing – and a great bonfire it made, too, with the roofing felt melting, burning, exuding a thick black smoke (fortunately not for too long).




Having installed raspberries in January, today saw the second significant planting of the year: an old flower bed given a sense of purpose, dug over and mounds filled with planted potatoes (Harlequin variety, since we preferred it to the purple things last year, and it claims to be good for everything from salads to boiling to mashing).



It’s not even New Year yet, and already that’s the leeks moved and replaced with the 20 new raspberry canes we got for Christmas…

The End of the World


It’s been a bit breezy the past couple of days – winds gusting over 50mph locally and up to 100mph nationally. Fortunately, the gardener has just finished staking all the trees that needed it, so the storms passed us by with no significant damage – the only loss appears to be this wooden trellis that’s blown over, with the honeysuckle creeper climbing all over it severed at the root. No sad loss, really, as I spent too much of the summer pruning the thing in an attempt to keep the walkway accessible underneath it anyway.

Win more


We discovered a plum tree hiding at the back of the garden just in time to taste some of the fruit at optimal ripeness. And it tasted good.. better than anything in a supermarket, for sure.

Sunlight and Smoke


Another weekend, another bonfire. And while it’s a pain avoiding the smoke as it’s blown around in the changing wind, it does make for some wonderful light and colours streaming through the trees.

Win some, lose some

One of the fun parts of taking over a garden is waiting to see what comes up – such as these rather pleasant-looking fruit


However, something seems to be making a lunch out of my new red cabbages ๐Ÿ™


Back in the land of the living


The proper mobile phone has returned from its second unauthorised leave of repair absence, and has been reformatted and flashed with a custom ROM (Ultimate N7000 XXLT4 JellyBean 4.1.2 v6ย for the Samsung Galaxy Note, no less) which seems to be a whole load faster than before. So to celebrate, have a quick photo of the (intentionally, honest) wildflower meadow section of the garden.

Yay, and verily hallelujah!

And now back to reinstalling and reconfiguring all the apps I used previously…



After a morning of walking the dog into the village and back (0.8mi either way) and digging over yet another vegetable bed, I’m about as knackered as this old fork the previous occupants left in the garden (presumably as an object of art, that being an excuse for quite a lot of things…).