Sunlight and Smoke

Another weekend, another bonfire. And while it’s a pain avoiding the smoke as it’s blown around in the changing wind, it does make for some wonderful light and colours streaming through the trees.

Win some, lose some

One of the fun parts of taking over a garden is waiting to see what comes up – such as these rather pleasant-looking fruit However, something seems to be making a lunch out of my new red cabbages πŸ™

Back in the land of the living

The proper mobile phone has returned from its second unauthorised leave of repair absence, and has been reformatted and flashed with a custom ROM (Ultimate N7000 XXLT4 JellyBean 4.1.2 v6Β for the Samsung Galaxy Note, no less) which seems to be a whole load faster than before. So to celebrate, have a quick photo of the […]


After a morning of walking the dog into the village and back (0.8mi either way) and digging over yet another vegetable bed, I’m about as knackered as this old fork the previous occupants left in the garden (presumably as an object of art, that being an excuse for quite a lot of things…).

Tidying up

Last weekend’s bonfire resulted in more than a wheelbarrow full of ash, some of which went in the compost; burning the wooden rubbish the previous occupants left over the bank garden fence resulted in several nails and screws lurking in the ash. Still, no physics geek would be complete without a magnet – make that […]


Taken last night: a small cluster of red, yellow and yummy purple tulips in golden evening light.