Festive spirit


A carpark in central Leeds, one Sunday morning during Christmas 2014.
Which serves the public better – a traffic warden ticketing cars or the gritting of road and pavement so folks could walk safely along?

The Varying Moods of Scotland

Summer in the Highlands? Hold a Games, break out the pipes and drums and play Scotland the Brave.

Tourist season in Edinburgh? Break out the pipes and drums and play Scotland the Brave.

Autumn, pretending to be winter, in Perth? Break out the pipes and drums and play Scotland the Brave.

This was one of the above situations.

Perth Street Stories: groups

Back in November, Perth council thought to hold a winter street festival – never mind that it wasn’t Christmas, Advent (at the time) or even winter yet, at least it was a good excuse to get folks tramping past the shop windows.

Herewith, a handful of street scenes – a little different for me – this time, groups of humans.

I didn’t rate the bell-ringers very highly; the slow and disjoint performance (only identifiable by the title on the sheet music saying “Jingle Bells”) served only to distract at close range from the pop-noise coming from a couple of large speaker-stacks a little further down the pedestrian precinct.

Bright Light / City


A fairly obvious shot from a viewing location on the south side of the Tay, the road bridge disappearing in a stream of lights flowing to Dundee in the fog. At night. As a long exposure, because it’s what one does, right?

Bright Light / CIty

Around St Fillan’s

Loch Earn is still an idyllic scene despite everyone stopping to take photos in St Fillan’s. Herewith, two obvious views:

Personally, I like this view instead:

People Watching / People Watching

People Watching / People Watching

There’s a time-/context-axis running from the far distance – first there was the landscape, then there was Robert Mulholland’s statue¬†Still, then there’s people taking photos of it, then there’s me shooting them. All things considered, a bit “meta”.