Inverawe Impressions (1/10)

This is the first in quite a long series of of blog posts.

Several years ago now, I spent a couple of years making one black and white image a day, every day, for nearly 2 years, concentrating a lot on the shapes and forms of trees in the Inverawe, Argyll, avoiding the contrasty light normally appreciated in landscape photography.

This new series takes the same fascination with filling space with shapes that caught my eye, but permits for colour. All images were taken in the course of a couple of hours on a return visit walking around the estate; for the most part they were shot at f/8 with HDR bracketing +/-1 EV, processed in RawTherapee, Darktable and digiKam.

The Hermitage

A small selection of photos from The Hermitage near Dunkeld: some experiments with tree filigree – appreciating the patterns of tree branches and twigs lightly silhouetted against the sky – and the Black Linn waterfall as the River Braan flows through a gorge (some obligatory long-exposure work too, of course).

I met a gorgeous collie-x-lurcher on the way out of the carpark; the mud instantly went to trouser-pocket level and I didn’t care a jot, the merely 4-month-old wee dog was so overjoyed to see everyone.

Quite a nice place to walk in the woods of an afternoon!


Early(ish) mornings with thick frost on the grass, painfully bright in the glare of the sunlight as the world warms from -3C overnight.


Autumn sunlight in the grounds of Gleneagles

Thick misty clouds lurking in the glens.

Forests of primarily oak and birch, the trees green with moss while their fallen leaves cover the ground in a thick carpet of orange, yellow and red.


Autumn sunlight and a partially frozen pond

A red squirrel scampering up a beech tree.

Freedom to walk in the woods, basking in the joyful glory of it all.



A small cascade of waterfalls, just north of Comrie

The Wee Cauldron waterfalls, just north of Comrie

Keeping cool


It’s been a bit warm the past couple of weeks; with temperatures over 23C indoors in the study and the sun beating down pretty fiercely, we’ve reduced Dog’s walks especially at lunchtime. This is where having a bit of woodland nearby proves its worth – the gentle breeze, sounds of leaves rustling and several degrees cooler makes it quite a relief.

Fuzzy Friend

Dog in the forest

It appears to be summer – too hot for me, and even Dog doesn’t seem to like it that much, taking to lying in the hall in the middle of the house to stay cool. Walkies is best done in the woodland where it stays pleasantly cool and the light is beautifully dappled.