Along the Oak Walk

One of my favourite walks around the local area is the Oak Walk – running along the edge of a large field, it gets beautiful evening sunlight and has some characterful trees

One or two local folk have populated it with wooden sculptures, for amusement factor

And the surrounding paths are well populated with wild raspberries, brambles and even willowherb/fireherb looking pretty in the light.

The Taste of Success

Yesterday’s tomato, the first we’ve grown, was viciously plucked and joyfully consumed in a ham sandwich. Boy, did it taste nice.

Shown here on a wooden chair arm – the new and the old (the chair being made some time around 1904, I think).


(A 6-frame panorama, taken with a Minolta Rokkor 55mm f/1.7 lens and 2x closeup adapter, processed in Photivo, stitched in Hugin, finished in Darktable.)

Escapist Dog

One of the first things we did on buying this house was to fix-up the kennels. These consisted of a set of 4 thin hutches, each with concrete floor and a rear wooden compartment behind a wooden door with cat-flap so we could put his bed, water and toys in out of the rain.

We knocked two of the thin kennels together and patched-up one of the hutches, adding polystyrene foam insulation and wooden board for extra comfort.

So this morning, I put Dog in his shiny house and wandered off to church. Came back a couple of hours later to find herself(TM) complaining that I’d put him on the wrong side of the door before shutting it… animal found wandering around the garden. At least we now know he won’t willingly leave the garden altogether, but that was pretty scary.

On investigation, it transpires he left his nice comfy house, went into the neighbouring kennel and chewed and dug his way right through the rotten wood of the back wall. It’s amazing how much damage one dog can cause!

kennel devastation