A View Down a Hole

My most popular photo on flickr, Raw, is a view taken an increasing number of years ago, as the light faded, looking down a big hole in the ground – the gorge below the lower bridge at the Falls of Bruar.

Today, whilst strolling along with Dog, I looked over some railings in the village carpark to another small gorge, and saw the cloud iridescence above me, reflected in a pool, the surrounding rocks draped with slimy green moss. How elegant…

Shades of pastel colours

Shades of pastel colours

Rocky Shores

Coastline from above Portpatrick

It makes quite a pleasant longer lunchtime stroll route with Dog – walking down into the village, out of the harbour up a few steps of the Southern Upland Way, pause and stare out to sea.
This is just a quick couple of shots taken on the mobile – a curved wall amongst the wacke rock.