Ways of Looking at a Bollard

Well, they say photography is partly about seeing interest in mundane things. So here are five views of a simple bit of street-furniture: fisheye, defished – for an ultrawide distorted effect, the bollard in its context minimalist – all distracting elements removed for a pure study of lines abstract – reduced to a pattern of […]

Storm Damage

A couple of photos of damage following last Friday’s storm-surge at high tide: several paving flags in the pavement dislodged and tarmac fragments in the carpark.

Storm Surge

Apparently there’s “exceptional weather” doing the rounds at the moment. From last night until midday the wind speed has been around 40mph gusting to 63mph. On hearing mid-morning of a storm surge coinciding with high tide around lunch-time, Dog and I set out to see what it looked like. The waves were impressive – the […]

Blue and Gold

A colorful sunset in Portpatrick harbour: warm sky with silver-grey reflection from the water. Out of frame we spotted a heron stalking in the shallows.