Flame On!

A couple of days ago the shed door started coming off its hinges altogether in ordinary use – the wood underlying the screws had rotten away.

This afternoon, we burned the whole thing – and a great bonfire it made, too, with the roofing felt melting, burning, exuding a thick black smoke (fortunately not for too long).


The Smell of Conifers


I love the smell of conifers of an evening… before and after they go in the bonfire 😉

The downside of having engaged the services if a gardener is we end up shuffling all the clippings and remnants of sycamore trees that really shouldn’t have been growing through the hedge all around the garden – on the plus side, there’ll be lots of kindling fur the fire next year.


I thought I’d create a blog for my more miscellaneous daily photography. The chances are my style here will be mobile photos, taken with an Android phone camera using HDR Camera+ and processed with Aviary, although I reserve the right to link to other things occasionally as well.

So. Let’s start with a bonfire 🙂

bonfire and red bucket

bonfire and red bucket