Flame On!

A couple of days ago the shed door started coming off its hinges altogether in ordinary use – the wood underlying the screws had rotten away.

This afternoon, we burned the whole thing – and a great bonfire it made, too, with the roofing felt melting, burning, exuding a thick black smoke (fortunately not for too long).




Bamboo makes for almost ideal bonfire material – dries out easily, burns efficiently, and being hollow, keeps a ready supply of oxygen in the fire core.
There can’t be many more bonfires left in the year…

The Smell of Conifers


I love the smell of conifers of an evening… before and after they go in the bonfire 😉

The downside of having engaged the services if a gardener is we end up shuffling all the clippings and remnants of sycamore trees that really shouldn’t have been growing through the hedge all around the garden – on the plus side, there’ll be lots of kindling fur the fire next year.

Sunlight and Smoke


Another weekend, another bonfire. And while it’s a pain avoiding the smoke as it’s blown around in the changing wind, it does make for some wonderful light and colours streaming through the trees.

Tidying up


Last weekend’s bonfire resulted in more than a wheelbarrow full of ash, some of which went in the compost; burning the wooden rubbish the previous occupants left over the bank garden fence resulted in several nails and screws lurking in the ash. Still, no physics geek would be complete without a magnet – make that a big magnet – it made a great job of lifting hidden metal detritus.


I thought I’d create a blog for my more miscellaneous daily photography. The chances are my style here will be mobile photos, taken with an Android phone camera using HDR Camera+ and processed with Aviary, although I reserve the right to link to other things occasionally as well.

So. Let’s start with a bonfire 🙂

bonfire and red bucket

bonfire and red bucket