Squaring the Spheres

A few weeks ago I ordered a pair of extension tubes for the Sony NEX-7; today I got around to experimenting with them for the first time. It’s quite scary seeing so much dust on the live-view LCD panel and realising it’s actually on the front of the lens.

Two tangerines and an apple.

Three Balls - two tangerines and an apple

Three Balls – two tangerines and an apple

Change to Fair

Fisherman's Barometer, St Andrews

Fisherman’s Barometer, St Andrews

The fisherman’s barometer, corner of North Castle and North Streets, St Andrews.

A little experimentation in The Gimp, to create a synthetic “scratches” texture layer – using plasma clouds, old-photo simulation, distortions and other trickery.


Appreciating the aesthetics of brokenness and decay in suburban Yorkshire.

Decrepit Warburton's lorry

Decrepit Warburton’s lorry


Flaking paint textures

Flaking paint textures

Wabi-sabi is a Japanese concept, an appreciation of beauty in imperfection, seen for example in reconstructing tea cups from broken crockery fragments, contrasting with Western ideals of unblemished perfection.

Unidentified Flower

Unknown Flower

“Step 1
Determine whether the flowering plant is an annual or perennial, herbaceous, deciduous or evergreen.”

Huh? It’s pink/purple and has distinctive fine pointy petals in a 6-pronged star arrangement.

Does anyone know what it might be?