How I Voted…

Happily. It’s the orthogonal thoughts that caught my eye, so to speak. The trees still stand. I mean, the town still stands – apart from one tent in the very middle of the pedestrian area, I saw no more campaigning. Yes & No placards reside side by side, as do their representatives, chatting together outside […]

How I’ll be Voting

Individually. I hold the idea of nationality very loosely: it sometimes applies but does not define.  I rate people trying to live their lives far higher than the games of politicians playing nations. Thoughtfully. Manifestos have been read; factors – economic, political, constitutional, cultural, socially – considered, their importances determined;  a decision has been reached. Carefully. The way things […]

Social Failures

This afternoon in Stranraer I stumbled across a protest in the town centre, a group of maybe 30-40 folks setting out their stalls (literally) to protest against the `Bedroom Tax’ and other social injustices. Kudos to them for getting off their backsides to object. But please, in the interests of being taken seriously: learn some […]