Of mobile telcos and leaving @EE

A quick cost-benefit analysis:   EE Vodafone+3 cost £37/month £9+£12.90/month 2g coverage fine excellent / NA 3g coverage fine NA / excellent reliability atrocious excellent contract length 24mo 12+1mo Just to be clear, by “atrocious” I mean EE’s signal drops-out every time it rains or blows a gale, which in our particular geography is at […]

Back in the land of the living

The proper mobile phone has returned from its second unauthorised leave of repair absence, and has been reformatted and flashed with a custom ROM (Ultimate N7000 XXLT4 JellyBean 4.1.2 v6 for the Samsung Galaxy Note, no less) which seems to be a whole load faster than before. So to celebrate, have a quick photo of the […]