Land of Heather

Appin of Dull from above Kenmore

As I drove to the off-road carpark, a flock of over 20 grouse shot out from the undergrowth and sprinted for their lives in front of the car.
On the way from the carpark to this viewpoint, I disturbed a deer minding its business chewing on the heather.

It makes a great Sunday late-afternoon out – driving through Perthshire up to Amulree and along Glen Quiach, up the back-road, round the S-bends, up and over the tops and descending to Kenmore.

The view here, apart from a lump of dead wood in a very Perthshire grouse moor, is the east of Loch Tay, toward the Appin of Dull and Weem Hill.

Purple heather, golden afternoon light, green trees (grown since I was last there)… ’tis good.

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