…see recursion. One of the many shots that have changed since I was last in Perth – the remains of an estate/letting agent, ironically now itself up for sale. It’s not like Perth didn’t have enough such shops elsewhere in the legal/restaurant/cultural district, so I’m a bit surprised they even bothered trying out here.

Story of one’s life

Babypolo has issues with an excessively enthusiastic engine immobilizer unit, resulting in long stays by the roadside and at petrol pumps, normally at the most inopportune moments when one would otherwise like to make a quick getaway. Humpf. This could easily turn into a ‘places I have abandoned the car’ photo theme :/

The Taste of Success

Yesterday’s tomato, the first we’ve grown, was viciously plucked and joyfully consumed in a ham sandwich. Boy, did it taste nice. Shown here on a wooden chair arm – the new and the old (the chair being made some time around 1904, I think).   (A 6-frame panorama, taken with a Minolta Rokkor 55mm f/1.7 […]