Social Failures

This afternoon in Stranraer I stumbled across a protest in the town centre, a group of maybe 30-40 folks setting out their stalls (literally) to protest against the `Bedroom Tax’ and other social injustices. Kudos to them for getting off their backsides to object. But please, in the interests of being taken seriously: learn some […]

The Smell of Conifers

I love the smell of conifers of an evening… before and after they go in the bonfire 😉 The downside of having engaged the services if a gardener is we end up shuffling all the clippings and remnants of sycamore trees that really shouldn’t have been growing through the hedge all around the garden – […]


It was good to go away for the weekend, and it was good to get back home again too nice sunny views around Portpatrick harbour too.


A more formal, laid-out, part of the gardens at Beningbrough – a covered path with several trees, covered in pears.

Some Mist

Am exercise in composition, as much as anything – a thick mist reducing visibility to a couple of hundred yards, whilst out with Dog.