Newton Stewart

I seem to be back in the old temporary stamping ground for the morning, while the car gets its MOT done… so I went for a stroll around the town – which doesn’t take long – to appreciate the views of the river Cree from the bridge.

A Hard Life

After the rains of yesterday evening, today had turned out sunny so far. Naturally, Dog’s bed had to be moved for optimum ray-catching potential.

A Spirituality of Dog

One of those small vignette-style scenes that occasionally goes through my mind has resurfaced of late. A few years ago I was sitting in church when the preacher related a story. Apparently he’d recently met his friend, who’d said that, while he wasn’t a Christian, sometimes when he was out walking his dog, he felt […]

Keeping cool

It’s been a bit warm the past couple of weeks; with temperatures over 23C indoors in the study and the sun beating down pretty fiercely, we’ve reduced Dog’s walks especially at lunchtime. This is where having a bit of woodland nearby proves its worth – the gentle breeze, sounds of leaves rustling and several degrees […]

More clouds

This is the view from near the far end of the evening stroll with Dog, up at the junction with Lagganmore golf course looking back toward the coast. Quite often the clouds catch my eye – especially with the sight display of crepuscular rays.

Sunlight and Smoke

Another weekend, another bonfire. And while it’s a pain avoiding the smoke as it’s blown around in the changing wind, it does make for some wonderful light and colours streaming through the trees.

Ailsa Craig

One of my favourite bits of coastline is that just north of Lendalfoot on the A77 through Ayrshire, for its great geology and view over to Ailsa Craig, the home of granite used in curling stones. On a pure clear blue sunny day, who could resist it?


It’s that time of year when the teasels are doing their best troll doll impression. Wouldn’t want to sit on that.