Two photos of the International Space Station passing overhead.

Old is the new… old, really

Time for a bit of a rant, geek-style. For about 15 months I’ve used a Samsung Galaxy Note as mobile phone of choice. And truth be told, I’ve hated all bar the first 10 minutes of it. The lack of RAM has made me reconsider what apps I use, favouring Seesmic for combined Facebook+Twitter over […]

When Litter Turns Bad

It was disconcerting to hear the noise of plastic clattering on tarmac and look around to see this mains timer switch bouncing along the road. Fortunately it didn’t get far. Glad it didn’t hurt anybody – it could have made quite a dent in a tyre.


Well, for small values of infinity, anyway. Can’t beat a brisk roadside walk with the dog in such sunny weather as this 🙂


Dratted non-native invasive species, the rhododendron. This one seems to have flown a little too close to the bonfire, unfortunately.


After a morning of walking the dog into the village and back (0.8mi either way) and digging over yet another vegetable bed, I’m about as knackered as this old fork the previous occupants left in the garden (presumably as an object of art, that being an excuse for quite a lot of things…).