Taken at the foot of the Southern Upland Way climbing out of Portpatrick Harbour, looking down on a passing jackdaw to rocks below.

Tidying up

Last weekend’s bonfire resulted in more than a wheelbarrow full of ash, some of which went in the compost; burning the wooden rubbish the previous occupants left over the bank garden fence resulted in several nails and screws lurking in the ash. Still, no physics geek would be complete without a magnet – make that […]

Above the Harbour

Just above Portpatrick, heading up the first few hundred yards of the Southern Upland Way looking back to the harbour. 3-shot HDR using HDR Camera+ for Android, processed in Aviary.


I guess they’ll be coming to an end soon – but it’s been a good year for enjoying bluebells by the carpet-load in the local woods.

Lenticular Clouds

This particular shape of cloud normally requires mountains or hills in order to form, so I was mildly surprised to see a couple of examples of lenticular clouds near Portpatrick yesterday evening – Galloway not being noted for having any hills to speak of, least of all to the north west of here where the […]

Water, water, everywhere

Saturday was wet. Very wet. This was the view just outside Portpatrick, at the corner of the Dunskey B-road turnoff, water flooding off the hill onto the road. On arriving home, I discovered a drain outside the gate was unable to cope with the sudden rain, and a gutter-load of water was flowing in a […]