Inverawe Impressions (6/10)

Broken fence posts

About 15 minutes into the regular walk route – large red (spiky!) berries, birch and willow trees spreading their branches, and two collapsing fence-posts – a pleasantly futile gesture of keeping nature at bay. Like this:Like Loading…

Inverawe Impressions (5/10)

Old Friend: my favourite willow tree

The study of shapes and lines of trees in Inverawe continues. This time, we span all the ages from a young wayside beech sapling to my favourite goat willow (Salix caprea), the Old Friend in an increasing state of collapse (but none the less loved for that!). Like this:Like Loading…

Inverawe Impressions (2/10)

Recovering after clear-felling, Ben Cruachan

Part 2 of an ongoing series of posts about the Inverawe estate in Argyll. This time, we concentrate on mankind’s intrusion into nature. For the most part, the laird leaves the woodlands alone, untouched; however, the Forestry Commission clear-felled the slopes of Ben Cruachan, initially leaving the mountainside bare but there are now young trees […]

Inverawe Impressions (1/10)

Trident Insignia (bokeh-panorama)

This is the first in quite a long series of of blog posts. Several years ago now, I spent a couple of years making one black and white image a day, every day, for nearly 2 years, concentrating a lot on the shapes and forms of trees in the Inverawe, Argyll, avoiding the contrasty light […]

That Tree: Millarrochy Oak

The Millarrochy Oak

“Make Photo Here” – another total photographic cliché, but I figured it had to be done. The Milarrochy Oak on the shores of Loch Lomond. What the photos don’t show you is that the tree is barely three yards from the edge of the carpark and, with a pleasant sunset behind it, there were four […]

Around a Graveyard

Hole in the Middle

A small set of photos made in Kinnoull Graveyard, Perth. A friend from the photo-society had posted a handful of photos of this graveyard on facebook a few days previously, so I had a few ideas for scenes to shoot when we went there last November. In particular, the obvious manipulated moody photo is an […]